Francis DaigleI am a Software Developer / Web Programmer / Consultant living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I have a good reputation for quality and reliability and like nothing more than seeing the client satisfied and happy. I am confident in my work, take pride in what I do, and enjoy working with talented people.

My Work

My work is largely process driven with a strong emphasis on the more creative aspects of development. The ability to leverage new and emerging technologies while maintaining security and stability is key. I believe that an adherence to web standards is of the utmost importance – not just in terms of accessibility and consistency but also to ensure future extensibility. With tasks that have traditionally been the domain of the desktop application now migrating to the web, having a strong web presence is more crucial now than it has ever been.

Contact Info

Phone: 1 (403) 360-2416
Email: work@francisdaigle.com

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Development Style

Some of the tools and methodologies I employ:

  • I am a “full-stack” LAMP / M(P)EAN developer.
  • All of my work validates (HTML5 / (X)HTML Strict and CSS3 / 2).
  • All websites and web-based applications are cross-browser compliant (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and tested on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux). IE6 compliancy available upon request.
  • Client-side, I work with various libraries and API’s (Jquery, AngularJS and Google AJAX being my libraries of choice).
  • Sever-side, I primarily use Javascript (Node.js), PHP, Python and Java / Groovy with an MVC architecture and an OO approach. I find Node.js, PHP, Python, Java / Groovy, and Ruby to be the most practical and effective in meeting my server-side needs (although I can work in other server-side languages as well).
  • For the backend of many web-based projects, I use Express.js (Javascript), Grails (Java) or the Zend Framework (PHP). I am very well-versed in both ZF1 and ZF2 as well as being a minor contributer to ZF2. However, my preference would be Express.js with an AngularJS front end.
  • ORM-wise, I like to use Sequelize (Javascript), Mongoose (Javascript), Hibernate (Java) or Doctrine 2 (PHP).
  • Database wise, I use Postgresql (RDBMS + JSONB), MongoDB (NoSQL), MySQL (RDBMS) or whatever suits the project best.
  • In addition to building custom content management systems, I also use Drupal, Joomla and WordPress (like this site for example). Whatever solution suits the clients needs best.
  • I use GIT for mostly all of my versioning needs.
  • For my local development server, I use Vagrant / VirtualBox, MAMP, Tomcat and various ‘built-in’ development servers.
  • I have participated in the Apple Developer Program with a focus on the iPhone SDK using Standard C and Objective C with a working knowledge of C++.
  • I have experience developing Facebook applications and I am comfortable using FBML and the FB API.
  • For e-commerce, I often use PayPal for payment processing, tailoring the back end to fit the specific needs of the client.
  • Much of my early work was with Flash (AS2 / AS3) as well as an open source variant of the Flash Media Server called Red 5.
  • I regularly maintain and provision both Linux and Windows servers and I am comfortable in most unix-like environments.
  • I use various IDE’s and editors such as Webstorm, Sublime Text, Netbeans, Xcode and Komodo to aid in the development process.
  • I use Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP and Inkscape for most of my graphics needs with a working knowledge of 3ds Max. Designers like working with me because I attempt to render their mock-ups as true to the original as possible.
  • My development environment includes Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. This allows me to work and test on all platforms.
  • SEO-wise, I use guidelines set out by Google, Yahoo and W3C. I do not consider SEO to be a “black art” – a properly coded site with content relevant to your target audience always leads to good results.